Our Family History

 Kilwinning Graveyard, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK


Latitude: 55.656214959628905, Longitude: -4.690781235694885 | Click to get directions to Kilwinning Graveyard

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Alexander Hazle and Lucinda Anderson
Alexander Hazle and Lucinda Anderson
In loving memory of Alexander Hazle died 15th August 1956 aged 48 beloved husband of Lucinda Anderson died 30th Nov 2005 aged 99

Cherished Memories 
Alexander McMeeking and family
Alexander McMeeking and family
In ever loving memory of Alexander McMeeking beloved husband of Annie K. McLaughlin who died 16th February 1938 aged 77 years. The above Annie McLaughlin who died 29th October 1939 aged 80 years. Their loving daughters Mary who died 9th March 1968 aged 75 years, Sarah McMeeking who died 31th May 1987 aged 96 years

Till we meet 
    Annie Kilpatrick McLaughlin (d. 29 Oct 1939)
Alexander McMeeking (d. 16 Feb 1938)
Mary McMeeking (d. 9 Mar 1968)
Sarah McMeeking (d. 29 May 1979)
Anderson Connelly family
Anderson Connelly family
In loving memory of John Anderson, beloved husband of Lucinda Connelly, who was born at Ayr Dec 1837, died at Burnside, Row, 9th Aug. 1887. Also their children Mary, died 10th July 1877, aged 15 years. John, died 13th Feb. 1861, aged 3 weeks. Agnes, died 1st Aug. 1897, aged 24 years. The Above Lucinda H. Connelly, died 27th June 1926 aged 90 years. Their daughter Janet died 19th July 1930, aged 59 years. Their son John died 28th Feb. 1947, aged 80 years.

A faithful husband, a father dear, while on earth with us was here, thy will be done 
    Agnes Anderson (d. 1 Aug 1897)
Janet Anderson (d. 18 Jul 1936)
John Anderson (d. 9 Aug 1887)
John Anderson (d. 13 Feb 1861)
John Anderson (d. 28 Feb 1947)
Mary Anderson (d. 10 Jul 1877)
Lucinda Connelly (d. 27 Jun 1926)
Anderson McMeeking
Anderson McMeeking
In loving memory of Ann Jane Lang Anderson died 22nd November 1944 aged 48 years beloved wife of John McMeeking died 13th July 1975 aged 83 years their youngest son Arthur Anderson died 2nd June 1979 aged 58 years 
    Ann Jane Lang Anderson (d. 23 Nov 1944)
Arthur Anderson McMeeking (d. 2 Jun 1979)
John McMeeking (d. 13 Jul 1975)
McMeeking Kirkland
McMeeking Kirkland
In loving memory of Robert Alex. McMeeking who died 26th Dec. 1962 beloved husband of Margaret Kirkland. Also the above Margaret Kirkland who died 16th Jan. 1987

Always remembered 
    Margaret Kirkland (d. 16 Jan 1987)
Robert Alexander McMeeking (d. 28 Dec 1962)
McMeeking McLaughlin
McMeeking McLaughlin
In loving memory of my dear husband John McMeeking died 26th April 1925 also our two sons who died in infancy Sarah McLaughlin wife of the above died 25th June 1956 also their daughter Sarah McMeeking (Cissie) died 31th July 1988 
    Sarah McLaughlin (d. 25 Jun 1956)
James McMeeking (d. Yes, date unknown)
John McMeeking (d. 26 Apr 1925)
Samuel Boyd McMeeking (d. Yes, date unknown)
Sarah Black McMeeking (d. 31 Jul 1988)