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John Clark, born at Couston Farm, Colintraive (Inverchaolain) who emigrated to Canada

We are looking for the descendants of John Clark, born 5 November 1881 at Couston Farm, Colintraive (Inverchoalain), son of Neil Clark and Mary McLean.

John emigrated to Canada, probably between 1902 and 1920.

He had certainly one daughter but may be more.

Looking for details on when he emigrated and ... naturally details about his family and descendants.

Any information is highly appreciated.
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John Lamont Clark born Greenock 10 Jan 1825

We are looking for what happened to John Lamont Clark, son of Archibald Clark and Mary Brown.

Although born in Greenock just as several of his siblings, they were living in Couston Farm, Colintraive (Inverchaolain) by 1841. By 1851 John Lamont Clark does no longer appear on the census records.

Can anybody help us finding out if he emigrated or died before 1851?
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Duncan Clark (also sometimes written Clerk) and Isobel Lamont family reconstruction

Duncan Clark and Isobel Lamont are the earliest ancestors of our branch of the Clark's. Unfortunately, the earliest records of Inverchaolain and Dunoon and Kilmun Parish date back to the mid 1700's and are severely damaged, to the extend that some are unreadable and thus incomplete.

We only found 3 of their children's birth records, being the one for Jean Clerk, born 21 November 1753 in what looks like Braenaghoirtan.

The others were a female child (Clerk name not filled in) born 28 October 1751 at Kilmichael and Nanny Clark born on 10 July 1761 at Kilmichael.

We have been trying to reconstruct the family through the marriage records of Dunoon & Kilmun as well as Inverchaolain Parishes. All marriage records of the children, found till today refer to Duncan Clark and Isobel Lamont in Gortonansaig.

On 19 January 1769 however there is the proclamation of the marriage of a Mary Clerk daughter of Duncan Clerk of Breingortan of Kilmichael to a Neil Campbell of Dunoon (married 26 January 1769) and at the birth of Mary's first daughter it says Mary Clerk is born in Breingortan.

Are Breingortan and Braenaghoirtan the same? I think so, as Jean Clark got born in Braenaghoirtan in 1753 and thus I classified Mary as being a daughter of Duncan and Isobel.

Gortonansaig and Kilmichael are both in the Parish of Inverchaolain both on the East side of Loch Striven while Braingortan is on the West side of Loch Striven. It is sure that by 1776 they were living at Gortonansaig and continued to do so till their death as the headstone at the Inverchaolain graveyard mentions Gortonansaig.

On the old map Kilmichael is in bold larger letters and refers to the Estate name of the Lamonts, probably before they became known as the Lamonts of Knockdow as on another part of the map South Hall estate is in the same lettertype. As the marriage entry of Mary Clerk states Breingortan of Kilmichael it seems to have been part of the Lamont Estate. With Jean Clark being born at Brainaghoirtan, and the others at Kilmichael, it seems the family first lived on the West side of Loch Striven before moving to Gortonansaig on the East Side of Loch Striven.

For sure there must have been other children, but with birth and marriage records of the two main parishes so badly damaged, it is difficult to find.

Map Inverchaolain showing South Hall Estate
Map Inverchaolain showing South Hall Estate
Headstone Neil Clark and son Robert of Auchafour
Headstone Neil Clark and son Robert of Auchafour
Closeup Headstone Neil Clark and son Robert of Auchafour
Closeup Headstone Neil Clark and son Robert of Auchafour
On Inverchaolain graveyard, there is a small badly damaged headstone just outside the enclosure holding the graves of Duncan and Isobel as well as daughter Catherine Clark. As far as I can make out it reads:

Here is the resting place of Neil Clark of Auchnafour and his son Robert who died ....

The rest cannot be read. As all the families are grouped together, it is for sure this Neil must be family, may be a father or a brother or even a son to Duncan Clark.

Does anybody know more about this Neil Clark of Auchafour who had a son Robert Clark?.

Would love to reconstruct the family further, so any information is more than welcolme.
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Livinus Schoon who married Jacoba Van Herwegh on 14 Sep 1784 in Aalst, East Flanders, Belgium

Out of the above marriage Livinus and Jacoba had at least 2 children being JOannes Franciscus Schoon and Anna Francisca Schoon, both born in Aalst, East Flanders, Belgium

Livinus Schoon's father was Joannes Schoon.

We are looking for the date of birth, parents and further ancestors of Livinus Schoon as well as any more descendants.

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