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Woodford, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Daley, Susan  30 Oct 1848Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11288 Clark 
2 Jenkins, Ada Ethel  16 Aug 1887Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11263 Clark 
3 Jenkins, Alexander Ross  1880Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11532 Clark 
4 Jenkins, Alexander Ross  27 Aug 1892Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11272 Clark 
5 Jenkins, Alice Jessie Mckellar  Aug 1881Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11225 Clark 
6 Jenkins, Allan  8 Jun 1879Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11247 Clark 
7 Jenkins, Allan  1888Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11055 Clark 
8 Jenkins, Allan Keith  1913Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11089 Clark 
9 Jenkins, Allan Roseneath  1873Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11290 Clark 
10 Jenkins, Ann Sinclair  1868Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11095 Clark 
11 Jenkins, Annie Mathieson  12 Dec 1894Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11274 Clark 
12 Jenkins, Clara May  3 Dec 1883Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11253 Clark 
13 Jenkins, Colin Roy  1898Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11279 Clark 
14 Jenkins, Constance Fiossi  12 Dec 1891Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11270 Clark 
15 Jenkins, Donald Clarence  15 Oct 1893Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11273 Clark 
16 Jenkins, Donald Halley  1866Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11084 Clark 
17 Jenkins, Dugald  25 Feb 1885Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11262 Clark 
18 Jenkins, Duncan William  1852Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11066 Clark 
19 Jenkins, Elizabeth  Jun 1859Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11499 Clark 
20 Jenkins, Ellen Baker  21 Mar 1872Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11323 Clark 
21 Jenkins, Graham Ross  24 May 1885Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11233 Clark 
22 Jenkins, Hally Grassmere  23 Dec 1900Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11280 Clark 
23 Jenkins, Harold Stanley Stuart  7 May 1895Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11276 Clark 
24 Jenkins, Henrietta Ross  8 Sep 1880Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11252 Clark 
25 Jenkins, Jane Innes  1875Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11113 Clark 
26 Jenkins, Jane Innes  24 Nov 1889Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11267 Clark 
27 Jenkins, John David  19 Feb 1874Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11324 Clark 
28 Jenkins, John Lindsay  1875Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11291 Clark 
29 Jenkins, Kate Maude  Jul 1869Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11103 Clark 
30 Jenkins, Margaret Ann  1862Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11500 Clark 
31 Jenkins, Margaret Ross  24 May 1885Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11234 Clark 
32 Jenkins, Mary  5 Dec 1858Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11498 Clark 
33 Jenkins, Mary Batterson  19 Jul 1867Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11320 Clark 
34 Jenkins, Mary Jane  1871Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11289 Clark 
35 Jenkins, Mollie Alma  1883Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11295 Clark 
36 Jenkins, Nellie Copy  1872Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11105 Clark 
37 Jenkins, Roberta Adela  1881Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11294 Clark 
38 Jenkins, Stuart Halley  1910Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11088 Clark 
39 Jenkins, Susan Annie  1880Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11213 Clark 
40 Jenkins, William Clyde  29 Jul 1896Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11277 Clark 
41 Phin, Elizabeth  1869Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11534 Clark 
42 Phin, Mary  1870Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11504 Clark 
43 Phin, William John  1880Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11511 Clark 
44 Ross, Annie Matherson  1856Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11110 Clark 
45 Ross, Margaret  21 Apr 1860Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11246 Clark 
46 Stewart, Jessie Forbes  1880Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11071 Clark 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jenkins, Colin Roy  1898Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11279 Clark 
2 Jenkins, Donald Halley  11 May 1926Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11084 Clark 
3 Jenkins, Duncan William  1877Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11066 Clark 
4 Jenkins, Elizabeth  21 Jan 1862Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11499 Clark 
5 Jenkins, Graham Ross  1886Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11233 Clark 
6 Jenkins, Mary  1881Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11068 Clark 
7 Jenkins, Neil  Abt 1871Woodford, Victoria, Australia I11067 Clark 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jenkins / McKellar  1851Woodford, Victoria, Australia F3094 Clark 
2 Jenkins / Murphy  4 Jul 1866Woodford, Victoria, Australia F3175 Clark 
3 Mathieson / Hunter  1934Woodford, Victoria, Australia F4306 Clark 
4 McKellar / Phin  1895Woodford, Victoria, Australia F3257 Clark