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 Cemeteries and Headstones in Gigha, Argyll, Scotland, UK


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Archibald MacDonald
Archibald MacDonald
Erected to the memory of Archibald McDonald late tenant in Tarbert who died 25th July 1831 aged 56 years, by his widow and their sons John, Donald, Archibald, Alexander and Allan McDonald. Slab inside church ruin . Most of the slabs here are unreadable except this one 
    Archibald MacDonald (d. 7 Jul 1831)
Archibald McNeill
Archibald McNeill
In loving remembrance of the Rev. Archibald McNeill who died at Gigha 1 st Nov 1880 aged 40 years. He was minister of Sleat Skye 10 years. This stone is erected by his affectionate mother Margaret McNeill.  
    Archibald MacNeill (d. 1 Nov 1880)
Archibald McNeill and family
Archibald McNeill and family
Erected by Margaret McDonald in affectionate remembrance of her beloved husband Archibald McNeill who resided at Achnaha Ferry 35 years and died at Gigha 12 th Dec. 1879 aged 76 years. Also their children Alick who died at Melbourne 10 th August 1871 aged 23 years and Maggie who died at Gigha 25 th Oct. 1877 aged 25 years. The above Margaret McDonald died at Gigha on 16 th Oct 1903 age 90 years.  
    Margaret MacDonald (d. 16 Oct 1903)
Alexander MacNeill (d. 10 Aug 1871)
Archibald MacNeill (d. 12 Dec 1879)
Margaret MacNeill (d. 25 Oct 1877)
Barbara MacDonald
Barbara MacDonald
1862. By Malcolm McDonald, mariner, in memory of his daughter Barbara who died 31st Mar 1862 aged 3 years.  
    Barbara MacDonald (d. 31 Mar 1862)
Catherine McNeill
Catherine McNeill
Erected by her beloved mother Margaret McDonald McNeill in affectionate remembrance of her daughter Catherine McNeill who died at Achnaha, Gigha 9th August 1887 age 32 years "I shine in the light of God His likeness stamps my brow Through the shadows of death my feet have trod And I reign in glory now"  
    Catherine MacNeill (d. 9 Aug 1887)
Family John Smith and Catherine Taylor
Family John Smith and Catherine Taylor
3 stones next to each other Left hand stone: Erected by Margaret Smith in memory of my beloved husband John Smith who died at Tenby , Pembrokeshire 11th December 1908 aged 38 years. Middle stone: Erected by Catherine Taylor in memory of her husband John Smith who died at South Ardminish 12th April 1888 aged 65 years and of their children Barbara McNeill died 22nd August 1857 aged 2 months, Donald died 23rd Dec 1861 aged 7 months, Neil died 25th May 1869 aged 6 and a half years, Barbara Thompson died 4th November 1866 aged 1 and a half years. Also the above Catherine Taylor who died at Gourock 18th November 1894 aged 67 years. Their son Archibald died at Gourock 14th July 1917 aged 49 years. Right hand stone: Erected by Captain Archibald Smith in loving memory of his wife Christina Smith who died at Gourock 30th April 1934 aged 75 years. The above Archibald Smith died at Ardminish 13th June 1939 aged 77 years. "Gus am bris am La"  
    Archibald Smith (d. 14 Jul 1917)
Archibald Smith (d. 13 Jun 1939)
Barbara McNeill Smith (d. 22 Aug 1857)
Barbara Thompson Smith (d. 3 Nov 1866)
Christina Smith (d. 30 Apr 1934)
Donald Smith (d. 23 Dec 1861)
John Smith (d. 12 Apr 1888)
John Smith (d. 11 Dec 1908)
Neil Smith (d. 25 May 1869)
Catherine Taylor (d. 18 Nov 1894)
Family MacDonald
Family MacDonald
Erected by the family in loving memory of their father Malcolm MacDonald, master mariner, who died 25 th April 1889 in his 66th year and their mother Catherine McNeill who died 24 th Aug 1912 aged 81 years.  
    Malcolm MacDonald (d. 25 Apr 1889)
Catherine MacNeill (d. 24 Aug 1912)
Family of Peter Smith
Family of Peter Smith
Erected by Peter Smith in loving memory of his father Peter Smith, Shipmaster, who died at Campbeltown 23rd April 1860 aged 56 years and his mother Janet MacGougan died 1st May 1871 aged 60 years. Also his sister Betsy died 19th Apr 1853 aged 18 years and his brother Angus died 22nd February 1856 aged 6 years. Also his grandfather Donald Smith died at Ardminish 10th June 1807 aged 56 (son of Padruig og Balour) Marion Smith his wife died at Ardminish 1st August 1848 aged 84. Hand in hand over land and sea, any journey we've travelled together in the better land then better water for me and in Gods ........ w'll come together where w'll be forever and ever 
    Janet MacGougan (d. 1 May 1871)
Angus Smith (d. 22 Feb 1856)
Betsy Smith (d. 19 Apr 1853)
Donald Smith (d. 10 Jun 1807)
Merran Smith (d. 1 Aug 1848)
Peter Smith (d. 23 Apr 1860)
Family Smith
Family Smith
Inscriptions on both sides of stone: Front: Erected by Archibald Smith, Farmer at Cairnvickoye , and Barbara McNeill his wife. For their children Flora died 6th Mar. 1842 aged 31years, Donald died 4th Jan. 1845 aged 19 years, Catherine died 25th March 1845 aged 27 years. The above Archibald Smith died 15th Sept 1850 aged 70 years Barbara McNeill his wife died 10th March 1863 aged 71 years.  
    Barbara MacNeill (d. 30 Mar 1862)
Archibald Smith (d. 15 Sep 1850)
Catherine Smith (d. 25 Mar 1845)
Donald Smith (d. 4 Jan 1845)
Flora Smith (d. 6 Mar 1842)
Family Smith
Family Smith
Inscriptions on both sides of stone: Back: Their grandson Archibald Clark died 1st August 1873 aged 34 years. Also their family Margaret Smith died 17th August 1891 aged 72 years. James Smith died 21st February 1897 aged 80 years. Mary Smith died 7th January 1905 aged 82 years.  
    Archibald Clark (d. 1 Aug 1873)
James Smith (d. 21 Feb 1897)
Margaret Smith (d. 17 Aug 1891)
Mary Smith (d. 7 Jan 1907)
James Wotherspoon and Eugenia Galbraith headstone
James Wotherspoon and Eugenia Galbraith headstone
Erected by Eugenia Galbraith in loving remembrance of her husband James Wotherspoon Master Mariner who died 7th Janry 1913 aged 79 years The above Eugenia Galbraith who died at Clachan 5th Oct 1920 aged 82 years Also their beloved son John who by drowned by the mining of the S.S. Gem of Scarborough 25th Dec 1914 aged 46 years 
    Eugenia Galbraith (d. 5 Oct 1920)
James Wotherspoon (d. 7 Jan 1913)
John Wotherspoon (d. 25 Dec 1914)
James Wotherspoon and Mary Campbell headstone
James Wotherspoon and Mary Campbell headstone
Erected by James Wotherspoon i memory of his wife Mary Campbell who died 23 Jany 1869 aged 69 years the above James Wotherspoon who was miller at Ardelay for 45 years was called home 10th April 1880 aged 80 years 
    Mary Campbell (d. 23 Jan 1869)
James Wotherspoon (d. 10 Apr 1880)
John Wotherspoon and Margaret McPherson headstone
John Wotherspoon and Margaret McPherson headstone
In loving memory of John Wotherspoon Callowhill who died 12th July 1946 aged 77 years and whis wife Margaret MacPherson who died 19th Aug 1946 aged 72 years Their sons F/O Iain Wotherspoon, R.A.F., who lost his life on active service 9th April 1945 aged 32 years Hugh died in infancy 
    Margaret MacPherson (d. 19 Aug 1946)
Hugh Wotherspoon (d. 20 Oct 1911)
John Wotherspoon (d. 12 Jul 1946)
John Wotherspoon (d. 9 Apr 1945)
Left hand stone: Janet and Sarah MacNeill
Right hand stone: Malcolm MacNeill and Barbara Galbraith
Left hand stone: Janet and Sarah MacNeill Right hand stone: Malcolm MacNeill and Barbara Galbraith
Left hand stone: Sacred to the memory of Janet MacNeill, who died at Ardminish, September 18th 1878 aged 70 years and her sister Sarah MacNeill, who died at Campbeltown, February 1st 1859 aged 67 Daughters of the deceased Murdoch MacNeill, Farmer at Keill, and Catherine McGougan his wife Right hand stone: ..... Malcolm McNeil who died November 1788 Barbara Galbraith who died September 1772. Erected by Murdoch McNeil and his spouse Cath McGughan Garvacha 
    Barbara Galbraith (d. Sep 1772)
Janet MacNeill (d. 18 Aug 1878)
Malcolm MacNeill (d. Nov 1788)
Sarah MacNeill (d. 1 Feb 1859)
Malcolm MacNeill and family
Malcolm MacNeill and family
Erected by Jane Clark in loving memory of her husband Malcolm McNeill who died 16 th Sept 1892 aged 46, and their children Malcolm who died 5 th Feb 1904 aged 28, Archibald, John, Marion, Katie, Janet and Mary who died in infancy. The above Jane McNeill died 14 th Dec 1925 in her 75 th year. Also their daughters Jane Clark McNeill died 14 th Dec 1958 aged 74 years, Margaret McNeill died 24 th Oct 1959 aged 80 years. With Christ; which is far better.  
    Archibald MacNeill
Jane Clark MacNeill (d. 14 Dec 1958)
Janet MacNeill (d. Yes, date unknown)
John Clark MacNeill (d. Yes, date unknown)
Katie MacNeill
Malcom MacNeill (d. 16 Sep 1892)
Malcom MacNeill (d. 5 Feb 1904)
Margaret MacNeill (d. 24 Oct 1959)
Marion MacNeill
Mary MacNeill (d. Yes, date unknown)
Malcolm Smith and family
Malcolm Smith and family
In loving memory of Malcolm Smith who died at Ardminish 6 th Aug 1902 aged 76 years. His wife Marion McGougan died 6 th Nov 1909 aged 76 years. Their infant children Catherine, Alexander and Marion. Their sons Angus died 27 th Dec 1886 aged 14 years, Donald died 2 nd Jan 1901 aged 31 years, Neil died 11 th Jan 1910 aged 50 years, John died 30 th Apr 1922 aged 55 years, Hector died 24 th Oct 1928 aged 59 years, Peter died 21 st Nov 1932 aged 74 years, Malcolm died 4 th Feb 1936 aged 72 years.  
    Meran MacGougan (d. 6 Nov 1909)
Alexander Smith (d. 9 Feb 1875)
Angus Smith (d. 27 Dec 1886)
Catherine Smith (d. 27 Aug 1868)
Donald Smith (d. 2 Jan 1901)
Hector Smith (d. 24 Apr 1928)
John Smith (d. 30 Apr 1922)
Malcolm Smith (d. 6 Aug 1902)
Malcolm Smith (d. 4 Feb 1936)
Marion Smith (d. 18 Nov 1876)
Neill Smith (d. 11 Jan 1910)
Peter Smith (d. 21 Nov 1932)
Malcolm Wotherspoon and Mary Ann McQueen headstone
Malcolm Wotherspoon and Mary Ann McQueen headstone
In loving remembrance of our parents Malcolm Wotherspoon 1883 - 1944 Mary Ann McQueen 1887 - 1963 of the Mill 
    Mary Anne McQueen (d. 1963)
Malcolm Wotherspoon (d. 1944)
Margaret and Donald Archibald McPherson
Margaret and Donald Archibald McPherson
In loving memory of Margaret McPherson 25 March 1968 aged 54 years and her brother Donald Archibald McPherson died 1 June 1983 aged 68 years 
    Donald Archibald MacPherson (d. 1 Jun 1983)
Margaret MacPherson (d. 25 Mar 1968)
Margaret and Donald McPherson
Margaret and Donald McPherson
Close up of headstone of Margaret and Donald McPherson 
    Donald Archibald MacPherson (d. 1 Jun 1983)
Margaret MacPherson (d. 25 Mar 1968)
McPherson MacAlister
McPherson MacAlister
In Loving Memore of Charlotte Mary McPherson died 5th March 1992 aged 76 years beloved wife of Angus MacAlister died 26th January 2006 aged 88 years much loved parents and grandparents 
    Angus MacAlister (d. 26 Jan 2006)
Charlotte Mary MacPherson (d. 5 Mar 1992)
McVean Wotherspoon
McVean Wotherspoon
In loving memory of John McVean died 17 February 1939 aged 58s also his wife Christina Wotherspoon died 25 March 1958 aged 79 years 
    John McVean (d. 17 Feb 1939)
Christina Wotherspoon (d. 25 Mar 1958)
Smith Children
Smith Children
Erected by James Smith in loving memory of his brother Hector Smith, Master Mariner, who died 10th May 1895 in his 63rd year, his sister Sarah who died 17th March 1900 in her 64th year, his brother Malcolm who died 30th June 1900 in his 63rd year. All died at North Ardminish. His sister Margaret who died 28th April 1908 in her 69th year. The above James Smith died 9th July 1914 aged 70 years.  
    Hector Smith (d. 10 May 1895)
James Smith (d. 9 Jul 1914)
Malcolm Smith (d. 30 Jun 1900)
Margaret Smith (d. 28 Apr 1908)
Merran Smith (d. 17 Mar 1900)
Susanna McNeill
Susanna McNeill
Erected by John McNeill and Susanna McSporran his wife in memory of their beloved daughter Susanna who died 10th Jul 1870 aged 4 years.  
    Suzanna MacNeill (d. 10 Jul 1870)
Wotherspoon family
Wotherspoon family
In loving memory of Hugh Wotherspoon died 17 th July 1886 aged 61 years and his wife Isabella Galbraith died 4 th April 1924 aged 82 years. Their family Neil died 1 st July 1883 aged 16 years, Archibald died 20 th Jul 1883 aged 2 years, Flora died 21 st Feb 1895 aged 14 years, Hugh died 28 th Oct 1902 aged 30 years, James died 7 th May 1919 aged 54 years, Flora died 7 th Aug 1932 aged 45 years.  
    Isabella Galbraith (d. 7 Apr 1924)
Archibald Wotherspoon (d. 20 Jul 1883)
Flora Wotherspoon (d. 7 Aug 1932)
Flora Wotherspoon (d. 21 Feb 1885)
Hugh Wotherspoon (d. 17 Jul 1886)
Hugh Wotherspoon (d. 28 Oct 1902)
James Wotherspoon (d. 9 May 1919)
Neil Wotherspoon (d. 1 Jul 1883)
Wotherspoon headstone
Wotherspoon headstone
Erected by Annie Hanson in memory of her brothers Duncan Wotherspoon died 12th Feb 1901 aged 22 years Pte Charles Wotherspoon Killed in action in France 13th Nov 1916 aged 29 years James Wotherspoon died 13th Oct 1962 aged 78 years Also their nephew Peter Mack Wotherspoon died 26th Aug 1979 aged 77 years  
    Charles Wotherspoon (d. 13 Nov 1916)
Duncan Wotherspoon (d. 12 Feb 1901)
James Wotherspoon (d. 1962)
Peter McKinnon Wotherspoon (d. 26 Aug 1979)