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151 1841 census
Place: Dunoon & Kilmun -Argyllshire Enumeration District: 1
Dunoon & Kilmun Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Folio: 1 Page: 3
Address: Barnacabar
SHAW Thomas M 25 Game Keeper Outside Census County (1841)
JENKINS Dugald M 20 Ag. Lab Argyllshire
JENKINS Elisabeth F 15 Female Servant Argyllshire occup.

Elizabeth Jenkins emigrated onboard the Chariot of Fame in Jul 1862 to Victoria Australia together with her sister Mary Jenkins and husband Hugh Graham. She is going under her maiden name Jenkins and not married name Shaw.
Elizabeth Jenkins age 32
Hugh Graham age 32
Mary Graham age 30 
Family: F3083
152 1841 census
Place: Dunoon & Kilmun -Argyllshire Enumeration District: 4
Civil Parish: Dunoon & Kilmun Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Address: Lazaretto
BROWN Duncan M 34 Gardener Argyllshire
BROWN Janet F 35 Argyllshire
BROWN Lilly F 10 Argyllshire
BROWN Janet F 7 Argyllshire
BROWN Mary F 1 Argyllshire 
Family: F3350
153 1841 census
Place: Dunoon & Kilmun -Argyllshire Enumeration District: 7
Dunoon & Kilmun Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Address: Wellington St.
MERCER John M 75 Independent Outside Census County (1841)
MERCER Isabella F 75 Argyllshire
MERCER Isabella F 30 Argyllshire 
Family: F3320
154 1841 census
Place: Kilcalmonll-Kilberry-Argyllshire
Civil Parish: Kilcalmonll,Kilberry Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Kilberry
Address: Queenhill
MURRAY George M 40 Roadsurveyor Argyllshire
MURRAY Margaret F 30 Argyllshire
MURRAY John M 8 Argyllshire
MURRAY Alx M 6 Argyllshire
MURRAY Isabella F 4 Argyllshire
MURRAY Arch M 2 Argyllshire
MURRAY Margaret F 7m Argyllshire
GALBREATH Mary F 15 Female Servant Argyllshire
MACFARLAN Donald M 20 Male Servant Argyllshire 
Family: F5172
155 1841 census
Place: Kilfinan -Argyllshire
Civil Parish: Kilfinan
Address: Auchadalvonie
MILLAR William M 35 Farmer Argyllshire
MILLAR Jean - Unknown Argyllshire
MILLAR Niel - Unknown Argyllshire
MILLAR Betty - Unknown Argyllshire
MILLAR John M 2 Argyllshire
MARTIN Archd. M 14 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire 
Family: F5131
156 1841 census
Place: Kilfinan -Argyllshire
Civil Parish: Kilfinan
Address: Glenachoil
WHITE Neil M 80 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
WHITE Jean F 60 Argyllshire
WHITE Neil M 35 Fisherman Argyllshire
WHITE Angus M 30 Fisherman Argyllshire
WHITE John M 29 Fisherman Argyllshire
WHITE Mary F 24 Argyllshire 
Family: F5134
157 1841 census
Place: Kilfinan -Argyllshire Enumeration District: 5
Kilfinan Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Address: Auchagoile
CAMPBELL Niel M 55 Michanidh Argyllshire occupation unclear
CAMPBELL Isabella F 42 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Mary F 9 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Isabella F 7 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Archd. M 5 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Margret F 3 Argyllshire 
Family: F3055
158 1841 census
Place: Killean & Kilchenzie-Argyllshire Enumeration District: 1
Civil Parish: Killean Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Folio: 1 Page: 8
Address: Runahorine
STALKER John M 64 Farmer Argyllshire
STALKER Gilbert M 32 Argyllshire
STALKER Sarah F 32 Argyllshire
STALKER Isabella F 23 Argyllshire
STALKER John M 9m Argyllshire
MILLAR Euphemia F 1 Argyllshire
MCLACHLAN William M 13 Male Servant Argyllshire 
Family: F4499
159 1841 census
Place: Kilmodan -Argyllshire
Civil Parish: Kilmodan
Address: Shelfield
MCINTYRE Andrew M 60 Farmer Argyllshire
MCINTYRE Janet F 55 Argyllshire
MCINTYRE James M 17 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
MCINTYRE Peter M 15 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
MCINTYRE Andrew M 7 Argyllshire
CAMERON John M 80 Independent Argyllshire

1851 census Scotland
Milton, Inverchaolain
MCINTYRE, Janet Head Widow F 68 1783 Kilmodan, Argyle
MCINTYRE, Peter Son Unmarried M 24 1827 Farmer Of 15 Acres Arable And About 40 Acres Of Hill Pasture (1 Labourer) Kilmodan, Argyle
MCINTYRE, Mary Daughter Unmarried F 26 1825 Farmer's Sister Employed At Home Kilmodan, Argyle
MCINTYRE, Andrew Grand Son Unmarried M 16 1835 Employed On The Farm Kilmodan, Argyle
MCINTYRE, Mary Grand Daughter F 12 1839 Scholar Kilmodan, Argyle
MCINTYRE, John Grand Son M 10 1841 B H G Scholar Greenock, Renfrewshire 
Family: F54
160 1841 census
Place: Kirkconnel -Dumfries-shire Enumeration District: 2
Civil Parish: Kirkconnel Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Address: Niviston
JENKINS William M 60 Farmer Outside Census County (1841)
JENKINS Jannet F 55 Outside Census County (1841)
JENKINS John M 25 Dumfries-shire
JENKINS Murray M 25 Dumfries-shire
JENKINS James M 20 Surgeon Dumfries-shire
JENKINS Mary F 15 Dumfries-shire
SCOTT Isabella F 35 Female Servant Dumfries-shire
FRENCH Margt. F 15 Agricultural Labourer Dumfries-shire
FRENCH Mary F 10 Agricultural Labourer Dumfries-shire
- - M 20 Unknown Name: N. K. Place of birth blank

1851 census
County Name Dumfriesshire
Parish Name Kirkconnel
Address Nivistone
William Jenkins Head Married 74 M Farmer of about 300 Acres Employing One Labourer Argyll, Cowal
Janet Jenkins Wife Married 67 F Ayr, New Cumnock
John Jenkins Son Unmarried 35 M Farmer's Son Dumfries, Kirkconnel
Margaret W. Jenkins Grand Daur 8 F Scholar Dumfries, Glencairn
Matthew Wilson Servant Unmarried 17 M Farm Servant Lanark
Barbara McCrone Servant Unmarried 23 F House Servant Dumfries, Kirkconnel
Mary Milligan Servant Unmarried 14 F Servant Dumfries, Kirkconnel
Aster McNimey Servant Unmarried 18 M Farm Servant Ireland, Antrim
Andrew Lauder Labourer Widower 33 M Agricultural Labourer Dumfries, Dryfesdale

Source: FOLK LORE AND GENEALOGIES OF UPPERMOST NITHSDALE. By WILLIAM WILSON, Sanquhar, book dedicated to the Marquis of Bute, Earl of Dumfries, Lord Crichton of Sanquhar
page 152-153-154
On the farm of Nivinston, in the parish of Kirkconnel, there was actually a room in one of the farm buildings set apart for mendicants, and known all around as the "Beggars' Chamber." The occupier of the Nivinston at that time was Mr Jenkins, a gentleman who belonged to Wales, and who, with his wife, was endued with the spirit of true country hospitality. It is not known if undue advantage was ever taken of the kindness they showed to homeless wanderers, but it is certain that Nivinston acquired a widespread notoriety, and that many vagrants availed themselves of the generous provision made for their comfort by the kind-hearted farmer and his spouse. Similar free accommodation is known to have been provided in Sanquhar parish at the farm of Ulxieside where an outhouse was known as the ''beggars' quarters," and also at Burnfoot, where was a " gaberlunzie's lodgings." But the " Beggars' Chamber " of the Nivinston was the most noted of these quasi almshouses. In fact, it provided not only a sleeping place for mendicants, but at times, when any of the gangrel tribe was seized with illness, it did duty as a hospital, the wretched wanderers receiving all attention from the kind-hearted farmer and his household, so that among the outcast the name of Jenkins became the synonym of all that was good.
In connection with this it is interesting to note that the present-day representative of the charitable farmer of the Nivinston has risen to high rank and honour in his country's service. This is Sir James Jenkins of Nivinston, Mannamead, Plymouth, who was created a K.C.B. in 1887. He is the son of William Jenkins of Nivinston, Kirkconnel, and grandson of William Jenkins of Nivinston, Kirkconnel, and Janet Wilson, daughter of James Wilson, and great-grand-daughter of James Wilson of Polquhirter, the representative of an old family that had held lands in the parish of Cumnock for several centuries. Sir James Jenkins is honorary surgeon to the King. He was bom in 1818, and married Sophia Pauline, daughter of Admiral Luckroft. She died in 1882. Sir James is an M.D. of Glasgow, and an M.R.C. He entered the Royal Navy as assistant surgeon in 1841, became staff surgeon in 1863, deputy-inspector of hospitals in 1872 and inspector-General (retired) in 1878. He served in the Naval Brigade before Sebastopol, 1854-5, for which he received the Crimean medal, with clasps, the Turkish medal, and the Legion of Honour. He was staff surgeon of H.M hospital ships, Belleiale and Surinam, in China from 1857 to 1861 ; he was senior medical officer of the Plymouth Division of the Royal Marine light Infantiy, 1861-9; of the Royal Marine Artillery at Estrey, 1869-72; Deputy Inspector-General of Naval Hospital at Bermuda, 1872-75 ; and of the Royal Naval Hospital at Plymouth, 1875 to his retirement in 1878. Sir James was as a boy, thought to be too delicate for the management of land, and on that account was placed under the care of his uncle Dr Wilson of Leeds. He had a distinguished college and professional career; and truly it may be said, apropos of Sir James and the kind hospitality of his forebears, "never saw I the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging their bread." No doubt the courage, perseverance, and talent of Sir James led to his uniform success; but still, it may be assumed that Providence had marked out for favour the son of such kindly ancestors as the Jenkins of Nivinston showed themselves to be.

page 251-252
WILSONS OF POLQUHIRTER AND JENKINS OF NIVINSTON. The Wilsons of Polquhirter were an ancient family who held lands — first under the Dunbars of Cumnock, then under the Crichtons. Polquhirter is in New Cumnock parish, Ayrshire, on the borders of Dumfriesshire. James Wilson — 1654 — left two daughters, co-heiresses. He had a nephew, James, who had a son, James, whose son James married Nancy M'Cririck, daughter of John M'Cririck of M'Cririck's Cairn. They had a son Homer (died 1807), who married Lizzie Gemmel; and their son James married Mary Murray, whose son William Wilson married Mary Ann Hague, and had issue — William Murray Wilson, M.D., who married Elizabeth Kells, daughter of David Jenkins; Mary Ann Hague, who married John Alexander Hudson of the 60th Royal Rifles; Margaret Wilson; Elizabeth, married Thomas Kipling, staff surgeon R.N. ; and Agnes Jane Wilson. William Wilson died June 9, 1865. His sister Janet married William Jenkins of Nivinston, parish of Kirkconnel, and had issue: — James — Sir James Jenkins, K.C.B., of Plymouth, for an account of whom see page 153; William; John; Murray; Andrew; David; and one daughter, Mary. 
Family: F3370
161 1841 census
Place: Luss -Dunbartonshire Enumeration District: 1
Civil Parish: Luss Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Address: Easter Banachra
JENKINS John M 27 Labourer Outside Census County (1841)
JENKINS - (Mrs) F 22 Outside Census County (1841)
JENKINS Janet F 1 Dunbartonshire
BUCHANAN Margt. F 25 Not Known Dunbartonshire

1851 census
Place: Bonhill -Dunbartonshire Enumeration District: 3
Civil Parish: Bonhill Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Bonhill
Address: Main Street, Alexandria
JENKINS John Head M M 37 Labourer Argyllshire - Dunoon
JENKINS Mary Wife M F 33 Stirlingshire - Drymen
JENKINS Janet Daur - F 10 Tearer At Printfield Dunbartonshire - Bonhill
JENKINS John Son - M 9 Tearer At Printfield Scholar Dunbartonshire - Luss
JENKINS Alexander Son - M 8 Tearer At Printfield Scholar Dunbartonshire - Luss
JENKINS Joseph Son - M 5 Dunbartonshire - Luss
JENKINS William Son - M 3 Dunbartonshire - Luss
JENKINS Allan Son - M 1 Dunbartonshire - Bonhill

Emigrated to Australia onboard the Cheviot in Feb 1856
John Jenkins age 40
Mary Jenkins age 38
Janet Jenkins age 15
John Jenkins age 13
Alexander Jenkins age 11
Duncan Jenkins age 9
Joseph Jenkins age 7
William Jenkins age 5 
Family: F3067
162 1841 census
Place: Rothesay & Nth Bute -Bute Enumeration District: 12
Rothesay Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Address: Columshill Street
BLAIR James (Senr.) M 33 Carter Bute
BLAIR Agnes (Senr) F 30 Outside Census County (1841)
BLAIR Janet F 9 Outside Census County (1841)
BLAIR Alexander M 7 Outside Census County (1841)
BLAIR Agnes (Junr) F 5 Outside Census County (1841)
BLAIR Hugh M 3 Bute
BLAIR James (Junr) M 1 Bute

1851 census
Place: Rothesay -Bute Enumeration District: 14
Rothesay Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
BLAIR Agnes Head W F 40 Carter's Widow Renfrewshire - Greenock
BLAIR Janet H Dau U F 18 Weaver Steam Looms Argyllshire - Dunoon
BLAIR Agnes Dau U F 15 Weaver Steam Looms Argyllshire - Dunoon
BLAIR Hugh Son U M 13 Scholar Bute - Rothesay
BLAIR James Son U M 11 Scholar Bute - Rothesay
BLAIR Archibald Mcindoe Son U M 5 Bute - Rothesay

1861 census
Place: Rothesay -Bute Enumeration District: 14
Rothesay Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Rothesay
Address: Mill Street
WEIR / BLAIR Agnes Head W F 51 Renfrewshire - Greenock
BLAIR Hugh Son U M 22 Cab Driver Bute - Rothesay
DOUGLAS Agnes Grndau U F 5 Scholar Bute - Rothesay
GREIG Thomas Boardr U M 19 Joiner Bute - Rothesay
MUIR Wm Boardr U M 22 Joiner Bute - North Bute 
Family: F3044
163 1841 census
Place: Saddell & Skipness -Argyllshire
Civil Parish: Skipness
Address: Garvoirne
MCNAB Peter M 35 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
MCNAB Margaret F 30 Argyllshire
MCNAB Cathrine F 10 Argyllshire
MCNAB Alexander M 8 Argyllshire
MCNAB Dugald M 6 Argyllshire
MCNAB Margaret F 3 Argyllshire 
Family: F4731
164 1841 census
Roseneath -Dunbartonshire Enumeration District: 2
Civil Parish: Roseneath Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Roseneath
Address: Hill Of Campsail
MCCOLL Agnes F 50 Independent Dunbartonshire
MCCOLL Donald M 20 Independent Dunbartonshire
MCCOLL Isabella F 12 Dunbartonshire
FORBES George M 25 Carver Journeyman Outside Census County (1841)
FORBES Agnes F 4 Outside Census County (1841)

1851 census
Place: Roseneath -Dunbartonshire Enumeration District: 2
Civil Parish: Roseneath Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Roseneath
Address: Hill Of Campsail Village
MCCOLL Agnes Head W F 62 Dunbartonshire - Roseneath
MCCOLL Duncan Son U M 32 Steam Boat Master Dunbartonshire - Roseneath
MCCOLL Agnes Dau U F 24 Dunbartonshire - Roseneath
FORBES Barbara Grndau - F 8 Scholar Lanarkshire - Glasgow 
Family: F3345
165 1841 census
Roseneath -Dunbartonshire Enumeration District: 2
Civil Parish: Roseneath Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Roseneath
Address: Hill Of Campsail
MCCOLL Agnes F 50 Independent Dunbartonshire
MCCOLL Donald M 20 Independent Dunbartonshire
MCCOLL Isabella F 12 Dunbartonshire
FORBES George M 25 Carver Journeyman Outside Census County (1841)
FORBES Agnes F 4 Outside Census County (1841) 
Family: F3346
166 1841 census
Rothesay Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Address: High Street
MCPHERSON Archd M 50 Tailor Outside Census County (1841)
MCPHERSON Ann F 45 Outside Census County (1841)
MCPHERSON Amelia F 15 Bute
MCPHERSON Charles M 10 Bute
MCPHERSON John M 8 Bute 
Family: F3359
167 1841 census Scotland
Place: Harris -Inverness-shire
Civil Parish: Harris
Address: Scarrister
CLARK Robt M 40 Doctor Outside Census County (1841)
CLARK Isabella F 35 Outside Census County (1841)
CLARK Mary F 12 Inverness-shire
CLARK Alexr M 11 Inverness-shire
CLARK Duncan M 8 Inverness-shire
CLARK Dond M 7 Inverness-shire
CLARK Isabella F 4 Inverness-shire
CLARK Jessy F 2 Inverness-shire
CLARK Catherine F 3m Inverness-shire
MCINNES Ann F 40 Inverness-shire
MCCRAE Mary F 40 Inverness-shire
MCLEOD Bell F 35 Inverness-shire

1851 census Scotland
Nishishee, Harris
CLARK, Robert Head Married M 53 1798 General Practitioner In Fac Phys & Surg Gleegw Medicine Inverchaolain, Argyleshire
CLARK, Isabella Wife Married F 46 1805 General Practitioner's Wife Stornoway, Rossshire
CLARK, Mary B Daughter Unmarried F 22 1829 General Practitioner's Daur Harris, Invernesshire
CLARK, Alexr Son Unmarried M 20 1831 General Practitioner's Son Inspr Of Poor Harris, Invernesshire
CLARK, Duncan Son Unmarried M 18 1833 Scholar Harris, Invernesshire
CLARK, Dond M Son Unmarried M 16 1835 Scholar Harris, Invernesshire
CLARK, Isabella Daughter F 14 1837 Scholar Harris, Invernesshire
CLARK, Cath Daughter F 10 1841 Scholar Harris, Invernesshire
CLARK, Anne Daughter F 8 1843 Scholar Harris, Invernesshire
CLARK, Helen Daughter F 6 1845 General Practitioner's Daur Harris, Invernesshire
CLARK, Robt Son M 1 1850 General Practitioner's Son Harris, Invernesshire
MACDIARMID, Marion Servant F 25 1826 Dairy Maid Harris, Invernesshire
MACINNES, Anne Servant F 48 1803 Nurse Harris, Invernesshire
MCLEOD, Anne Servant F 18 1833 House Servt Harris, Invernesshire
MACDONALD, William Servant M 20 1831 Farm Sert Harris, Invernesshire
CAMPBELL, Neil Servant M 16 1835 Herd Boy Harris, Invernesshire

1861 census Scotland
Fort, Boleskine, Invernessshire
CLARK, Robert Head Married M 62 1799 Surgeon Ballymore, Argyllshire
CLARK, Isabella Wife Married F 56 1805 Stornoway, Invernessshire
CLARK, Duncan Son Unmarried M 27 1834 Student Of Divinity Rodil Harris, Invernessshire
CLARK, Isabella Daughter Unmarried F 22 1839 Rodil Harris, Invernessshire
CLARK, Janet H Daughter Unmarried F 20 1841 Scarista Harris, Invernessshire
CLARK, Catherine Daughter Unmarried F 18 1843 Scarista Harris, Invernessshire
CLARK, Ann M Daughter Unmarried F 16 1845 Scarista Harris, Invernessshire
CLARK, Robert Son Unmarried M 11 1850 Scholar Scarista Harris, Invernessshire
MCINNES, Ann Servant Unmarried F 63 1798 Domestic Servt Tenessnish Harris, Invernessshire 
Family: F4876
168 1841 census Campbeltown
Address: Church St.
MATHESON Peter M 45 Sawyer Argyllshire
MATHESON Elizabeth F 40 Argyllshire
MATHIESON Peter M 15 Apprentice Joiner Argyllshire
MATHIESON Angus M 12 Argyllshire 
Family: F1347
169 1841 census Campbeltown
Address: Church Street
MCPHEE Catherine F 60 Washerwoman Argyllshire
MCPHEE Margaret F 24 Argyllshire
MCPHEE Mary F 20 Argyllshire
MCLEOD Norman M 16 Argyllshire 
Family: F2692
170 1841 census Campbeltown
Address: Killeonan
ROY John M 35 Ag. Lab. Ireland
ROY Marion F 35 Argyllshire
ROY Agnes F 12 Argyllshire
ROY Marion F 10 Argyllshire
ROY Mary F 8 Argyllshire
ROY Alexr. M 6 Argyllshire
ROY Archd. M 2 Argyllshire
HOUSTON Robert M 7m Argyllshire 
Family: F1332
171 1841 census Campbeltown
Address: Marchfield
MACNAB Alexd. M 30 Ag. Lab. Argyllshire
MACNAB Betty F 30 Argyllshire
MACNAB Mary F 11 Argyllshire
MACNAB Helen F 9 Argyllshire
MACNAB Betty F 8 Argyllshire
MACNAB Robert M 6 Argyllshire
MACNAB James M 4 Argyllshire
MACNAB Flora F 1 Argyllshire 
Family: F1372
172 1841 census Campbeltown
Address: Saddel St.
MCPHAIL Catharine F 45 Widow Argyllshire
MCPHAIL Christen F 10 Argyllshire
MCPHAIL Jennat F 6 Argyllshire
MCPHAIL Archibald M 15 Sailor Argyllshire 
Family: F220
173 1841 census Dunoon
Place: Dunoon & Kilmun -Argyllshire
Civil Parish: Dunoon & Kilmun
Address: Bronwood
MCNEILEDGE John M 40 Ag. Lab. Argyllshire
MCNEILEDGE Barabra F 35 Argyllshire
MCNEILIDGE Barabra F 17 Argyllshire
MCNEILEDGE Duncan M 9 Argyllshire
MCNEILEDGE John M 7 Argyllshire
MCNEILEDGE Alexander M 4 Argyllshire
MCNEILEDGE Janet F 8m Argyllshire 
Family: F5037
174 1841 census Dunoon & Kilmun
Address: Coilarach
BELL Peter M 55 Ag. Lab. Argyllshire
BELL Margaret F 45 Argyllshire
BELL Margaret F 14 Argyllshire
BELL Duncan M 13 Argyllshire
BELL Christian F 11 Argyllshire
BELL Peter M 9 Argyllshire
BELL Archibald M 7 Argyllshire
BELL John M 6m Argyllshire 
Family: F1984
175 1841 census Dunoon & Kilmun
Address: Kirn Shore
JENKIN Adam M 35 Shoemaker Argyllshire
JENKIN Mary F 35 Argyllshire
JENKIN Cathrine F 10 Argyllshire
JENKIN Archibald M 7 Argyllshire
JENKIN Margaret F 5 Argyllshire
JENKIN John M 3 Argyllshire
JENKIN Mary F 7m Argyllshire
GOURLY John M 30 Plumber Outside Census County (1841)
HENDERSON Hendry M 15 Plumber Outside Census County (1841)
BROWN Jane F 20 Fem. Servant Argyllshire
FERGUSON William M 10 Outside Census County (1841)

1851 census Dunoon & Kilmun
address Ardinslate Road
Jenkins Adam 46 shoemaker
Jenkins Mary 48 wife born Lochgilphead
Jenkins Margaret 14 daughter scholar born Dunoon
Ferguson Margaret 13 visitor scholar born Greenock

Emigration to Australia:
Family: F1919
176 1841 census Gigha
Address: Achadhard
BARR Robt. M 40 Cod-Fisher Argyllshire
BARR Isabelle F 28 Argyllshire
BARR Archd. M 2 Argyllshire
BARR Robt. M 3m Argyllshire 
Family: F2622
177 1841 census Gigha
Address: Ardenlay Mill
WITHERSPOON James M 40 Miller Argyllshire
WITHERSPOON Mary F 40 Argyllshire
WITHERSPOON Hugh M 16 Argyllshire
WITHERSPOON Cursly F 14 Argyllshire
WITHERSPOON Janet F 12 Argyllshire
WITHERSPOON Archd. M 9 Argyllshire
WITHERSPOON James M 7 Argyllshire
WITHERSPOON John M 5 Argyllshire
WITHERSPOON Mary F 3 Argyllshire
COLVILLE Janet F 62 Argyllshire 
Family: F2215
178 1841 census Gigha
Address: Druimyeon
MILLOY Archd. M 65 Farmer Argyllshire
MILLOY John M 35 Argyllshire
MILLOY Mary F 30 Argyllshire
MILLOY Edward M 30 Argyllshire
MILLOY Kathrine F 25 Argyllshire
MILLOY Micy F 25 Argyllshire
MILLOY Kathrine F 1 Argyllshire
GALBREATH Dond. M 30 Cod-Fisher Argyllshire
GALBREATH Niel M 3m Argyllshire
HENDERSON John M 12 Ag-Lab Argyllshire 
Family: F292
179 1841 census Gigha
Address: Glen
HENDERSON Mary F 30 Argyllshire
GALBREATH Niel M 4 Argyllshire

1851 census Gigha
Mary Galbreath 40
Neil Galbreath 14 son
Manson Galbreath 4 dgt.
Elisabeth Henderson 61 mother 
Family: F2574
180 1841 census Gigha
Address: Leim
HENDERSON Mary F 30 Argyllshire
HENDERSON Janet F 14 Argyllshire
HENDERSON Edward M 11 Argyllshire
HENDERSON Mary F 9 Argyllshire
HENDERSON Rachel F 3 Argyllshire
HENDERSON Bettey F 9m Argyllshire

1851 Scotland Census
Campbeltown County:
Address Saddel Street
Duncan Henderson 47 Head Campn, Argyleshire Mason
Mary Geachy 47 Wife Kilcon, Argyleshire
Janet Henderson 20 Dau Kilcon, Argyleshire Servant
John Henderson 18 Son Kilcon, Argyleshire
Betsey Henderson 8 Dau Gigha, Argyleshire
Duncan Henderson 6 Son Gigha, Argyleshire
Edward Henderson 4 Son Gigha, Argyleshire

1861 Scotland Census
Address: High Of Gilson's Rd
Duncan Henderson 60 Campbn, Argyll Mason
Mary Henderson 56
Edward Henderson 13

1871 Scotland Census
Address: Broad Street
Duncan Henderson 69 Head Campbeltown mason
Mary Henderson 67 Wife Killean
Duncan Henderson 28 Son Gigha mason
Edward Henderson 23 Son Gigha mason 
Family: F483
181 1841 census Glasgow Barony -Lanarkshire
Address: Barachnie
MCGILL Dugald M 30 Coal Miner Outside Census County (1841)
MCGILL Euphemia F 30 Outside Census County (1841)
MCGILL Neil M 11 Outside Census County (1841)
MCGILL Dugald M 4 Lanarkshire

1861 census
Crosshill, Old Monsland, Lanarkshire
Dougal McGill Head, to, labourer, born Campbeltown
Euphemia, wife, 50, born Campbeltown
Neil, son, 28, born Campbeltown
Dougald, son, 20, born Glasgow
Flora, daughter, 13, born Glasgow
Duncan, son, 13, born Glasgow
Peter, son, 10, born Glasgow 
Family: F1234
182 1841 census Greenock
Address: Cartsburn St
WHITE Alexr M 40 Ag Lab Outside Census County (1841)
WHYTE Janet F 34 Outside Census County (1841)
WHYTE Mary F 9 Renfrewshire
WHYTE Janet F 7 Renfrewshire
WHYTE John M 2 Renfrewshire 
Family: F1953
183 1841 census Greenock
Address: Cartsburn St
WYNNE William M 25 Blacksmith Journeyman Renfrewshire
WYNNE Margaret F 20 Outside Census County (1841)
WYNNE Marion F 1 Renfrewshire
WYNNE Margaret F 1 Renfrewshire
BROWN Daniel M 20 Carpenter Journeyman Outside Census County (1841) 
Family: F1715
184 1841 census greenock
Address: Whitelees
MCFARLANE Malcom M 35 Gamekeeper Outside Census County (1841)
MCFARLANE Mary F 35 Outside Census County (1841)
MCFARLANE John M 13 Renfrewshire
MCFARLANE Duncan M 11 Renfrewshire
MCFARLANE Malcom M 9 Renfrewshire
MCFARLANE Mary F 7 Renfrewshire
MCFARLANE James M 5 Renfrewshire
MCFARLANE Archd. M 3 Renfrewshire
MCFARLANE Cathrine F 10m Renfrewshire

1851 census "whitelees cottage" greenock west
malcolm age 43 born bosnean,argyllshire, occ gamekeeper
mary age 49 born dunoon, wife
archibald age 13 born greenock, son
catherine age 11 born greenock,dau
janet age 9 born greenock, dau
daniel age 7 born greenock, son
hugh age 7 born greenock, son
alexander age 4 born greenock, son 
Family: F1057
185 1841 census Inverchaolain
Address: Annait
MCKELLAR Sarah F 40 Widow Argyllshire
MCLEAN Alexander M 6 Argyllshire
MCLEAN James M 4 Argyllshire 
Family: F905
186 1841 census Inverchaolain
Address: Portnellan
BROWN John M 70 Farmer Argyllshire
BROWN Duncan M 30 Fisherman Argyllshire
BROWN Peter M 40 Ship Master Argyllshire
BROWN Archibald M 13 Argyllshire
MARTIN Christy F 30 Fem.Servant Argyllshire
CURRIE Janet F 15 Fem.Servant Argyllshire 
Family: F1708
187 1841 census Inverchaolain
Address: Stronyarraig
BROWN Archibald M 60 Farmer Argyllshire
BROWN Janet F 20 Argyllshire
BROWN John M 25 Argyllshire
WIER Jane F 55 Argyllshire 
Family: F1694
188 1841 census Inverchaolain
Neil Leitch 85 Parish Poor List
Catherine Leitch 81Parish Poor List
Neil Leitch 19 Farmer 
Family: F1448
189 1841 census Inverchaolain
Upper Altgaltrich
Peter Brown 70 Tenant
John Brown 35
Archibald Brown 32
Elisabeth Brown 30
Mary Brown 25
Duncan Brown 6
Hugh McLean 14 Sheep Herder

1851 census Inverchaolain
Peter Brown 83 Head widower farmer of about 10 acres arable and about 40 acres hill pasture
John Brown 48 Widower son
Archibald Brown 44 son sailor
Mary Brown 40 Widow farmers daughter
Duncan Brown 15 grandson born Kilmodan
Joan Smith 5 Grand daughter born Kilmorich
Andrew Brown 80 Widower brother Superannuated Leading Man Depth?
Margaret Campbell 21 Servant 
Family: F1449
190 1841 census Inverchaolain
Upper Altgaltrich
Peter Brown 70 Tenant
John Brown 35
Archibald Brown 32
Elisabeth Brown 30
Mary Brown 25
Duncan Brown 6
Hugh McLean 14 Sheep Herder

1851 census Inverchaolain
Peter Brown 83 Head widower farmer of about 10 acres arable and about 40 acres hill pasture
John Brown 48 Widower son
Archibald Brown 44 son sailor
Mary Brown 40 Widow farmers daughter
Duncan Brown 15 grandson born Kilmodan
Joan Smith 5 Grand daughter born Kilmorich
Andrew Brown 80 Widower brother Superannuated Leading Man Depth?
Margaret Campbell 21 Servant 
Family: F1444
191 1841 census Kilberry
Address: North Carnbeg
MCKINLAY Mary F 35 Argyllshire
MCKINLAY Niel M 6 Argyllshire
MCKINLAY Mary F 4 Argyllshire
MCKINLAY Euphemia F 2 Argyllshire
MCKINLAY Margaret F 6m Argyllshire

Whisky making traditions in Kintyre (source http://www.celticmalts.com/journal.asp?cat=49&hierarchy=0%7C4%7C9)
Illicit whisky making became particularly associated with Kintyre because of its relative isolation, the comparative ease with distillation could be hidden in sparsely populated areas and access by sea to rapidly accessible markets in Ayrshire and Glasgow. The following description is taken from the Magazine of the Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society (Issue 19) and appears with the agreement of its author, Ian MacDonald.
A battle raged in the early years of the 19th century between the Campbeltown Revenue men and the local illicit distillers of Largieside and Clachan. The Revenue men by cutter on sea patrol and on horse back on land were the scourges of the small farmers, shepherds, cottars and labourers who, unable to pay high rents demanded by their superiors and landlords turned to the illicit manufacture of whisky and smuggling. The glens of Kintyre with their pure water and secluded lands were ideal sites for the stills. In 1792 there were five licensed distillers in Kilcalmonell parish and three in neighbouring Killean parish. Following a steep rise in rents in Loup and Balnalill Estates in 1806 virtually every farmer turned to smuggling as an additional source of income.
A typical rent would be one or two 3-year old wedders (male sheep) at six shillings each, six dozen eggs and six hens valued at four shillings plus a sum of money which entitled the tenant to a seat in church. The tenants were also bound to cart loads of turf for dyking, grow oats and bear (a coarse form of milling barley) for meal, flax for coarse linen and give the services of a man and a cart free for two to six days annually. It was to Robert Armour, coppersmith, in Campbeltown that a large number went to purchase their stills and fortunately some old records still survive in Kintyre Antiquarian Society's library. Around Clachan the pioneers were Angus Gilchrist and Malcolm McEachern in Arifeach, Alexander and Donald McCoag in Loch Kieran, Gilbert and Malcolm McEachern, also in Loch Kieran, John McStalker in Achravad, and Alexander McAlester, Donald Thomson and Archibald McEachern, who formed a company at Dunskegg. They were soon joined by Gilbert and Samuel Currie at Lochend, John McKechney, Achaglass, Alexander Graham, Carnebeg, and John McLean and Archibald Milloy, Loch Kieran. The product being the only medicine of the times, was much in demand and a plentiful supply met local needs as well as being exported up the Clyde as far as Paisley from Skipness. As early as 1806 Duncan McNiven, a local merchant, was paying ,2 per gallon and accepting quantities from one pint upwards.

In 1815 John McTaggart, Neil McIlreavy, John McKinven, and Duncan McLean set up in business at Achapharic, an old township above the present Cleit Church. Their neighbours, John McCoag and Son, Beachmore, soon joined them and a striving still operated in Achapharic glen near the waterfall. The remains are to be found built into the bank of the burn and well camouflaged from the prying eyes of Revenue men of that time. The 1817 records show many larger stills and a list of new names following showing the spread of the industry. The main ones found were Alexander and John McFarlane, Auchnadryan, Largiesland, Hector and Finlay Currie, Courshelloch, Largiesland, Donald McEachern, Auchnadryan, Largiesland, John Campbell, Carnbeg, Largiesland, now in Garvoline, Skipness, Archibald McMurchy, Stewartfield, Clachan, Samuel and Coll McAlester & Co. Brantian, Ballochroy Glen, Donald McMillan & Neil McEachern, Achravad, Clachan, John McFiggan, farmer, Barr, David Turner, innkeeper, Barr, Neil McCorkindale and Edward McCallum, Barr Glen, Gilbert McEachern and Angus Bell, Clachaig Glen, Muasdale, Archibald McEachern, Cleongart, Bellochantuy, Neil Downie and Malcolm Curry, Drumore-na-Bodach. In addition over twenty householders in Rhunahaorine shared in a large still hidden in a tunnel in a bog nearby. This still was a major supplier for Kintyre, and also shipped from Grogport to Saltcoats in Ayrshire. It was the target for Captain Watson and Gauger Brown from Campbeltown, who raided the village every day without success. It was under the control of Dugald McLachlan with the main operators John McInnes and Duncan Downie. Eventually it was forced to close when Duncan Downie, chased by six Revenue men fled the village, never to return, turning up later in America. The shareholders too scattered, many emigrating to Ontario.
McFater, McEachran, McKay, McMurchy, McPherson, McKinnon, Carmichael, Smylie, and McMillan families, descendants of shareholders were found in 1880 when Hugh McLean, factor to Lord Stonefield, surveyed Ontario and the Prairie Provinces of Canada, on behalf of Kintyre Agricultural Society for further emigration. He found well-doing farmers owning their own lands, many named after the places their ancestors had left.
As early as 1825 the smuggling was causing concern to the parish ministers. The Rev. John McArthur of Kilcalmonell wrote to Kintyre Presbytery, asking for action to be taken against "The Thinkings", these being drinking parties held on Sunday afternoons by lower classes of persons and lasting throughout the evening until the following morning. In the 1845 Statistical Account he wrote "The peasantry endeavour to better their condition by recourse to smuggling. It is impossible to calculate the amount of evil this unholy and unpatriotic traffic is the cause of." The Rev. Donald McDonald of Killean wrote "Before 1821 cottars and day labourers supported large families on the profits of smuggling whisky, a trade which though lucrative enough was damaging to their morals. A smuggler could earn the shillings per week thus enabling him to keep a horse and an additional cow."
In 1820 a levy was imposed on all landowners and the proceeds used to apprehend criminals. It was paid out as "Rogue Money" by Sheriff Dugald McTavish at Campbeltown to Angus McDonald, the Sheriff Officer, there. Lists of criminals and wanted men were published twice yearly in the North British Advertiser.
By 1850 with the introduction of large distilleries smuggling being suppressed severely it was only carried out in inaccessible areas. The last recorded account in Clachan area was at Achaglass burn, where Revenue men surprised a party at work. The shepherd in Scotmill, Archibald McTavish or Thomson, shown on wanted lists, quickly removed the vital parts and ran off pursued by several Revenue officers. "Come back, Thomson, we know you", they shouted but he being fleet of foot made for Skipness from where he took a boat to Arran, then crossing to the mainland he remained in the Borders for almost seven years before returning. The last man to ply his trade was Johnny Blue at Ballochroy. The remains of his still can be found on the bank of the small streams running into Loch a' Vogart some two miles above the old township of Kilmichal. His family were millers at Ballochroy Mill for many years and his casks were made by John McKinlay, the cooper there. A descendant of John McKinlay possesses the small anvil used for making the iron hoops.
Johnny Blue made two brands "Moonlight" and "Daylight", the former being twice the strength of the latter. "Moonlight" was exported, being carried across Kintyre in specially made casks. In order to defeat inspections by Revenue men, John McKinlay made casks with a false bottom at either end. Both ends were then filled with butter with the whisky safe in the centre compartment. They had many narrow escapes; on one occasion having to throw a complete still into Loch Garasdale where it may still lie.
John McKinlay, widower of Mary Blue, died in 1894, whilst Johnny Blue died in 1895 at the age of 88 years. almost a century later the World's Press carried the story of his "Moonlight" and "Daylight" brands when it was discovered that a descendant of the Blue family was none other than President Ronald Reagan of the United States of America. His battle is not to control distillers, but to win control of Space. The illicit distillers were fortunate to have lived at a time when there was no risk of surveillance from space by Revenue men!
A separate account by the same author provides further information (the text of this article first appeared in the Nov 1999 Webedition of the Magazine of the Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society); 
Family: F1463
192 1841 census Kilchenzie
Address: Margmonagach

MATHESON Dugald M 40 Farmer Argyllshire Placename
MATHESON Betty F 25 Argyllshire
MATHESON Elen F 9 Argyllshire
MATHESON Flora F 7 Argyllshire
MATHESON Kate F 1 Argyllshire
MATHESON Peggy F 3m Argyllshire
MATHESON John M 20 Male Servant Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Mary F 20 Female Servant Argyllshire
MORRISON Donald M 14 Male Servant Argyllshire
MCNAUGHTON John M 10 Argyllshire
MCEACHRAN Alexr. M 75 Argyllshire

1851 census
Address: Lower Margmonagach
Helen 18
Flora 17
Catherine 11
Margaret 9
John 8
Dugald 6
Donald 11mo

1861 census
Address: Margmonagach
Mathieson Dugald 63 farmer 128 acres
Mathieson Betsy 43 wife
Mathieson Catherine 21 daughter
Mathieson Margaret 20 daughter
Mathieson John 18 son ploughman
Mathieson Dugald 17 son
Mathieson Donald 10 son born Kilchenzie
Mathieson Elizabeth 6 daughter
Mathieson Hector 4 son 
Family: F1264
193 1841 census Killean
Address: Beachmenach
BLUE Mal. M 45 Argyllshire
BLUE Mary F 20 Argyllshire
BLUE Alex. M 14 Argyllshire
BLUE Dun. M 10 Argyllshire
BLUE Margt. F 7 Argyllshire
MCPHATTER Archd M Unknown Shoemaker Argyllshire
BLUE Grace F Unknown Argyllshire
MCPHATTER Agnes F 6 Argyllshire
MCPHATTER Mal. M 4 Argyllshire
MCPHATTER Neill M 2 Argyllshire
MCPHATTER Margt. F 13m Argyllshire
BLUE Barbara F 20 Argyllshire
BLUE Archd M 6m Argyllshire 
Family: F352
194 1841 census Killean
Address: Largie
FLEMING Neil M 35 Male Servant Argyllshire
FLEMING Flora F 30 Argyllshire
FLEMING Duncan M 11 Argyllshire
FLEMING Donald M 9 Argyllshire
FLEMING Archd M 7 Argyllshire
FLEMING Charlot F 4 Argyllshire
FLEMING Neil M 1 Argyllshire
FLEMING Mary F 60 Argyllshire 
Family: F1396
195 1841 census Killean
Address: Largie
FLEMING Neil M 35 Male Servant Argyllshire
FLEMING Flora F 30 Argyllshire
FLEMING Duncan M 11 Argyllshire
FLEMING Donald M 9 Argyllshire
FLEMING Archd M 7 Argyllshire
FLEMING Charlot F 4 Argyllshire
FLEMING Neil M 1 Argyllshire
FLEMING Mary F 60 Argyllshire 
Family: F1395
196 1841 census Killean & Kilchenzie-Argyllshire
Address: Duff
MATHESON Dugald M 40 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
MATHESON Jean F 40 Argyllshire
MATHESON Archd. M 15 Argyllshire
MATHESON Mary F 12 Argyllshire
MATHESON Jean F 10 Argyllshire
MATHESON Margaret F 12 Argyllshire
MATHESON William M 10 Argyllshire
MATHESON Dugald M 8 Argyllshire

1851 census
Farm Of High Killocraw Killean and Kilchenzie
Dugald Mathieson 56
Jane Mathieson 46
Archibald Mathieson 20
Mary Mathieson 18
Margret Mathieson 15
Dugald Mathieson 12
Duncan Mathieson 8
Donald Mathieson 6
John Mathieson 4 
Family: F512
197 1841 census Killean and Kilchenzie
Address: Upper Barr
MCCORKINDALE Donald M 45 Farmer Argyllshire
MCCORKINDALE Jannet F 40 Argyllshire
MCCORKINDALE Archd. M 19 Argyllshire
MCCORKINDALE William M 18 Argyllshire
MCCORKINDALE Rose F 15 Argyllshire
MCCORKINDALE Margaret F 14 Argyllshire
MCCORKINDALE Malcom M 9 Argyllshire
MCCORKINDALE Jannet F 6 Argyllshire
MCCORKINDALE Duncan M 5 Argyllshire

1851 census Killean and Kilchenzie
Address: Upper Barr
Donald Mccorkindale 53 Farmer Of 5 Acres Employing 5 Labourers
Jannet Mccorkindale 49
William Mccorkindale 26
Rose Mccorkindale 24
Margaret Mccorkindale 20
Malcom Mccorkindale 17
Duncan Mccorkindale 14
Penry Mcmillan 12 
Family: F1136
198 1841 census Kilmodan
Address: Achinbreck
TURNER Andrew M 35 Miller Argyllshire
TURNER Ann F 25 Argyllshire
TURNER Alexander M 1 Argyllshire
TURNER Margaret F 75 Supported By A.Turner Argyllshire 
Family: F1432
199 1841 census Kilmodan
Address: Bealachndrean
FLETCHER Dugald M 45 Farmer Argyllshire
FLETCHER Catherine F 45 Unknown
FLETCHER Archibald M 18 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
FLETCHER Janet F 14 Argyllshire
FLETCHER Catherine F 12 Argyllshire
FLETCHER Hellen F 10 Argyllshire
STEVENSON Peter M 16 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
WIER Robert M 12 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
MACDUGALD Hellen F 25 Female Servant Argyllshire
QUEAN Thomas M 20 Journeyman Weaver Ireland 
Family: F1978
200 1841 census Kilmodan
Address: Lochhead
WIER Duncan M 55 Mariner Argyllshire
WIER Susanna F 45 Argyllshire
JONSTON Margaret F 90 Independent Argyllshire
LAMONT Jean F 15 Female Servant Argyllshire
WIER Margaret F 10 Argyllshire 
Family: F1434

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